Training Content for Law Firms: No One Does it Better Than Savvy

The Savvy content creators have been BIZEE! Led by Chief of Instructional Design Terry Aurit, the SavvySMART Content Library has continued to keep up with the needs of the ever-evolving legal industry. Just in the last six months, we have added or updated the following training content for law firms:



  • NetDocuments:
    • Content was added for ndOffic 2.8, ndMail 1.10 and ndThread.
    • Course ND-101 was updated to change the terminology from “Customize Layout” to “Edit Layout.” This affects all pieces of content in the course.
  • iManage Work 10:
    • Full series was updated (including eLearning) for version 10.3.
    • Print content (User Manuals & Quick Reference) updated for version 10.3.3.
  • Windows 10:
    • Full series was updated (including eLearning) for version 2004.



  • pdfDocs 4.8: New series was created (including eLearning).
  • PowerPoint 365:
    • Full series is complete.
  • PowerPoint 2019:
    • Full series is complete.
  • Workshare Compare 10:
    • Full series is complete.
  • BEC Legal’s LegalBar Styles & Numbering 4.8:
    • Full series complete by Q3 2021.
  • Recorded Webinars and Handouts:
    • Microsoft 365: Using and Creating Graphics
    • Adobe Acrobat Pro: Advanced Forms
    • Excel: Advanced PivotTables
    • Excel: Power Query
    • Excel: Data Validation
    • Excel: Using Match and Index Functions
    • Excel: How to Create a Timesheet
    • Introduction to Microsoft Sway
    • Networking: Not Just for Extroverts
    • Meeting Management: How to Be a Superhero
    • PowerPoint: Tips and Tricks
    • Word: Working with Sequence Fields
    • Word: Advanced Forms
    • Photoshop: How to Retouch Photos
    • Photoshop: Working with Text
  • Vendor Documentation:
    • iManage Work Desktop for Windows User Guide 10.4
    • Workshare Professional 10.8 Quick Reference Guide and User Guide
  • Supporting Documentation:
    • Updated Course Catalog & “Hyperlinks” file
    • Timings and topics covered in NetDocuments, iManage Work 10, Windows 10 and pdfDocs 4.8.

The SavvySMART Content Library is the only continuously updated, law industry-specific training library available today. Everything in the SSCL is fully customizable and, when you subscribe, you own the source and published files. (Meaning: We will never take them away from you, like some other content providers.) Subscribers are also invited to join a private Yammer community to solicit and share ideas with their peers.

Do you need continuously updated training content for your law firm or corporate legal department? Book a demo of the SavvySMART Content Library today!


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