Savvy’s Tips & Tricks: November 2021

Tips include: 1) Keyboard shortcuts for Outlook mail; 2) Excel, Slicers and Fillers; 3) File Explorer, Copy/Print File List – Subfolders; and 4) MS Teams, Whiteboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook Mail

You know I love keyboard shortcuts! So, did you know that Ctrl+Shift+M starts a new mail from anywhere in Outlook? (Ctrl+N opens a new message if you’re already on the Mail page). Ctrl+Enter sends the message. Ctrl+Shift+R launches a reply to the highlighted message. And, last but not least, Ctrl+Shift+F opens the selected message for forwarding.

Don’t try to memorize all of these at once. Put one into practice until it becomes second nature. Then, move on to the next. You’ll save tons of time that you can use for something more enjoyable – like heading to the kitchen for a quick snack!

Excel: Slicers and Filters

When working in Tables or PivotTables in Excel, slicers provide buttons that you can click to filter the data. In addition to quick filtering, slicers also indicate the current filtering state, which makes it easy to understand what exactly is shown.  

To create a slicer:

  1. Click anywhere in the Table or PivotTable.
  2. Click on Slicer from the Insert tab.

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Copy/Print File List – Subfolders (File Explorer)

In our last edition, we showed you how to copy a list of all files (or selected files) from within File Explorer. If you want to create a list of the contents of SUBFOLDERS of a specific drive, perform the following steps:
1.     Go to the parent folder in File Explorer.

2.     Highlight the path at the top of the window by pressing Alt+D.

3.     With the path highlighted type cmd and then press Enter.

4.     The command prompt window will open with the path selected.

5.     Type “tree /f>filelist.txt” into the window.

6.     Close the command prompt window and there will be a file called filelist.txt in the parent folder.

7.     If you open it directly from Explorer, it will probably look like a mess! Launch Microsoft Word and open the file.

8.     The following File Conversion window will open. Choose MS-DOS instead of Windows (Default).

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MS Teams: Whiteboard

As Teams is becoming one of the more commonly used collaboration tools, you may want to do more than share an open window or file. Microsoft Whiteboard is a free-form, digital canvas that integrates with Microsoft Teams. [Check with your IT Department before downloading any add-ins and to verify if Whiteboard has been enabled for your organization.]
Caveat: Your version of Teams may have different icons or buttons than shown here.

  1. Make sure the app is installed on your device. If it has not been installed, go to the Microsoft Store and “Get” the Whiteboard app.
  2. Join a Teams meeting from your Calendar, an invitation or the Teams app.
  3. Access the Share Tray (Ctrl+Shift+E).

Read the entire tip here.

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