Third-Annual Savvy Survey on Training in the Legal Industry

Savvy Survey on Training in the Legal Industry

Do you feel like you’re working in a vacuum? Like no one understands the value of training at your law firm? Or like people value it so much that you need to clone yourself? Or that you just want a better understanding of what is happening at other law firms so that you can compare your resources, support and efforts to an industry standard?

We feel the same way! 

That is why we run an annual survey titled the “Savvy Survey on Training in the Legal Industry.” Will you please take 10 minutes to complete this survey?

Our goal is to track training trends year-over-year that we can share with all of our law firm partners, helping to advance our knowledge and preparedness for training in the legal industry.

Last year, our survey revealed:

  • LMS procurement: The data shows an increase in learning management system adoption, which makes a trainer’s job much easier. It’s nice to see that firms are investing in learning.
  • Purposeful training: It appears that trainers are becoming more targeted and proactive in their training efforts, which may be a lot easier due to the increased adoption of LMSs.
  • Static/declining interest among timekeepers: Similar to last year, timekeepers are the least interested in training. Trainers would like to change this reality by offering incentives.

Download last year’s report here.

We are hoping to see if trainers and their colleagues report progress as legal technologies advance exponentially!

We will announce this year’s survey results in March 2023. 

Thank you in advance for your time!


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