Automated Security Awareness Program for Law Firms

By now, everyone knows that they need to train their law firm employees to recognize and report internet security threats. But actually creating a security awareness program for law firms can be daunting, especially for IT professionals who are already overwhelmed.

Savvy has long been a partner with KnowBe4, the world’s recognized leader in security awareness training programs. Together, we have helped many law firms take their threat level from high to low in very measurable ways. This security awareness program works and it protects sensitive client data.

That said, sometimes it can be hard for law firms to take the first step because they don’t really know how to identify their weaknesses and establish goals for their desired outcomes. 

Savvy can help! We can provide you with a free tool that will customize a security awareness training program for your law firm.

The Automated Security Awareness Program Builder

KnowBe4 has taken away all the guesswork with the Automated Security Awareness Program builder (ASAP). ASAP is a revolutionary tool that helps you build a customized security awareness program for your law firm or corporate legal department. 

Here’s how it works:

  • You answer 15-25 questions about your law firm’s goals, compliance needs and culture.
  • ASAP suggests training materials based on your answers.
  • You choose and change your program start date and tasks.
  • You may view a detailed calendar with a customized task list to get your security awareness program for law firms started.
  • You will receive a detailed executive summary of your program that can be easily exported in PDF format.
  • Voila: You have a fully mature security awareness training program in 10 minutes.

Whether you choose to use that intel to work with Savvy and KnowBe4 is entirely up to you. (Of course, we think we are the best choice, and we can prove it.)

Would you like to see what a fully actionable security awareness program should look like at your law firm? (PSST! This report is perfect for conversations with management about budget allocations for security training programs.)

Try ASAP today. Click here to fill out a form or schedule a demo today.


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