Season Three of KnowBe4’s “The Inside Man”

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Protecting Your Firm from Hackers Has Never Been So Addicting

We’re excited to announce the official trailer for Season 3 of the award-winning KnowBe4 Original Series: “The Inside Man.” KnowBe4’s network-quality video training series delivers an entertaining learning experience that ties security awareness principles from each episode to key cybersecurity best practices. From social engineering, insider threats and physical security, to vishing and deepfakes, season three of “The Inside Man” teaches your users how to make smarter security decisions while binge-watching a series thriller.

How do you follow a nail-biter finale like Season 2? So many questions lie unanswered. There’s Mark Shepherd, the reformed hacker, now running Good Shepherd Security alongside best buddy AJ, loyal colleague Fiona and fellow ex-felon Maurice. And, of course, there’s Charlotte, out at-large, having delivered the cliff-hanger of all cliff-hangers. Or should we say, “cliff-top-café” hangers? (Don’t understand? You’ll have to watch seasons one and two to catch up!)

Season three reunites Mark and his newly-fledged team to take flight into the big bad world of security consulting and penetration testing. Like all startups, it’s a rocky path and right off the bat there’s a crisis that may clip their wings permanently. They’ve been commissioned by an international bank to do something that pushes both the limits of legality and their in-house skill-set. That means they need to recruit new blood to energize the team; but who can they trust in this world of secrets and lies? The answer will set Mark, the ‘Inside Man’ himself on the emotional journey of a lifetime. The Inside Man” series is available in the KnowBe4 ModStore as part of a Diamond level subscription. Savvy is a value-added provider to the legal industry.

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More About “The Inside Man”

The Inside Man series started out as a challenge: “Is it possible to create a drama about information security that rivals anything seen on Netflix?”

The result was The Inside Man, Season 1, a 12-episode storyline featuring Mark, a relatable anti-hero hacker who has been tasked by a sinister controller to infiltrate a company and help bring it down. Like all the best-loved TV dramas, the key to success was a binge-worthy, gripping storyline with a cast of funny, heroic, resourceful, colorful and skilled characters, whose exploits just had to be reprised for a second Season. The rest, as they say, is history.

What’s So Special About “The Inside Man?”

The series has been specifically developed to harness authentic hacking and social engineering scenarios with edge-of-the-seat, emotionally engaging drama.

The season-by-season, episode-by-episode structure allows the producers of the series to morph, evolve and adapt the plot to demonstrate multiple, real-world security threats in a human setting.

Season one, for example, deals with social engineering, social media, phishing, physical access, and passwords to name a few. In season two, there’s an outsider threat involving virtual assistants, alongside some outstandingly bad password and mobile app behavior. Season three goes international, dealing with deep fakes along with a host of the usual and common security misdemeanors.

Would you like a demo of KnowBe4 and how The Inside Man teaches real-world skills while entertaining your users? Click here to book at 15- or 30-minute demo.


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