Identify and Respond to Email Threats Faster with PhishER

Your users are likely already reporting email threats in some fashion within your organization. However, the increase of this email traffic can present a new problem — how can you respond to all the threats fast enough?

PhishRIP, as part of the PhishER platform, is a new email quarantine feature that integrates with Microsoft 365 and G Suite to help you remove, inoculate, and protect your organization against email threats so you can shut down active phishing attacks fast.

Since user-reported messages require some level of analysis to prioritize, you need a simple and effective way to not only respond to and mitigate these reported messages, but also find and remove those suspicious messages still sitting in your users’ mailboxes.

With PhishER from our partner Knowbe4 you can:

  • Automate message prioritization into one of three categories: Clean, Spam, or Threat.
  • NEW! Easily search, find, and remove email threats with PhishRIP, PhishER’s email quarantine feature for Microsoft 365 and G Suite
  • NEW! Automatically push PhishER events to your KnowBe4 platform to automate targeted training campaigns to users who are not identifying and reporting suspicious threats 
  • Cut through your Incident Response inbox noise and respond to the most dangerous threats more quickly
  • Augment your analysis and prioritization of user-reported messages with PhishML, PhishER’s machine-learning module
  • Meet critical SLAs within your organization to process and prioritize threats and legitimate emails
  • Easy integration with KnowBe4’s email add-in button, Phish Alert, or forwarding to a mailbox works, too

Find out how adding PhishER can be a huge time-saver for your Incident Response team. Request a demo today. Complete this form or book a demo directly with Doug on Calendly.


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