NetDocuments Training for Worldox Users

NetDocuments Training Certification

NetDocuments has acquired Worldox and I’m writing to let you know that Savvy offers NetDocuments training for Worldox users. 

According a story by the esteemed Bob Ambrogi at LawNext:

“… NetDocuments will continue to support all Worldox products, both on-premises and cloud, “for the foreseeable future,” and maintain customers’ existing license and subscription agreements. But the longer-term plan is to work with Worldox customers to move them to the NetDocuments platform.”

Savvy Can Quickly Train Your Law Firm to Use NetDocuments

Savvy Training & Consulting has been a longtime trainer on both of these document management system platforms. If you are looking to migrate from NetDocs to Worldox, we can easily help you and we can make the transition smooth.

For example, if you are a firm with 50 Worldox users, we can train you into NetDocuments in about five days.

Contact Savvy today to get ahead of the Worldox-to-NetDocuments transition rush. Use my Calendly link to book a chat at your convenience. I am at your service.

SavvySMART Content Library Includes both NetDocuments and Worldox Training Materials

If your firm has a trainer and you just need a library of training materials to assist in the transition from NetDocuments to Worldox, consider the SavvySMART Content Library (SSCL).

The SSCL includes e-learning videos, quick reference guides, user manuals and instruction manuals on both NetDocuments and Worldox, giving your trainer (and help desk) all the materials they need to move people into fluency on NetDocuments.

Book a demo of SSCL today.


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