Moye White LLP Chooses Savvy Training & Consulting

Learning Content, Learning Management System, In-Person Training, Security Awareness Training


  • Brad Crook, Director of Information Technology, Moye White LLP
  • Challenges

    Moye White needed:

    • Learning content that covered all of their standard technology tools
    • A learning management system to deliver and track training across the firm
    • In-person training to support ongoing training goals
    • Security awareness training to keep firm and client data safe


    Savvy Training & Consulting answered all of Moye White’s training needs with:


    Brad Crook reports:

    On Savvy’s learning content, LMS and customer service:

    • “I really like Savvy. They are big enough that they have a solid suite of service offerings but small enough that they are flexible and responsive to us.”
    • “It seems like our firm is in a no man’s land when it comes to service from other vendors. We’re not small but we’re not so giant that vendors can’t afford to ignore us. For example, Microsoft doesn’t care what’s going on in our world even if we’re paying for support. Then there’s Savvy. I call Doug and he takes care of our needs that same day.”
    • “Savvy’s content and LMS are exactly what we need. They understand the legal industry so their materials and delivery system are much more effective with lawyers and legal staff.”

    On Savvy’s trainers:

    • “I’ve had experience with other trainers who just weren’t as effective as Savvy’s trainers. For example, before partnering with Savvy we had a trainer who had been in the business and the legal industry for years. She knew everything! But her teaching style was a little frenetic. She could only reach about 10% to 15% of her audience. Most people found her too difficult to follow. Debbie is our local regular trainer from Savvy. We’ve done a few project-based trainings with her and she’s great. Savvy even pulls people in from New York and Chicago when we need more. They were awesome.”
    • “Everybody loves Savvy’s trainers. The feedback I get from people, you’d think they were having cookies with their grandma, they loved them so much!”

    If you are searching for law-firm-specific content, in-house training resources, security awareness training, or a learning management system, contact Savvy today.


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