Microsoft is Retiring Calibri. Vote for the Next Default Font.

Pick Microsoft's next default font

We are constantly trying to stay on top of all of Microsoft’s shenanigans (and there are many) so that we can deliver the most up-to-date training content for law firms. We ran across this news and, since it’s kind of fun, we thought we’d share: Microsoft is Retiring Calibri, its default font for almost 15 years. Now you can help pick a new font for Microsoft!

Calibri took over for Times New Roman in 2007. Now, it is apparently Calibri’s time to buy a beach home in Florida and wax poetic about the good old days.

Since Microsoft is retiring Calibri, which MS calls “a workhorse,” the company has rolled out five new fonts and is asking for input on which ones we like the best. These fonts are:

  1. Tenorite: Has the “overall look of a traditional workhorse san serif, but with a warmer, more friendly style.”
  2. Bierstadt: Is a “precise, contemporary san serif typeface inspired by mid-20th-century Swiss typography.”
  3. Skeena: Is a “humanist san serif based on the shapes of traditional serif text typefaces.”
  4. Seaford: Is a san serif typeface that is rooted in the design of old-style serif text typefaces and evokes their comfortable familiarity.”
  5. Grandview: Is a “san serif typeface derived from classic German road and railway signage.”

We have included a Microsoft image above for you to compare all five new fonts. Do you have a favorite? Use social media to cast your vote!


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