Introduction to the Law Firm Environment

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Law firms are… different. People who have worked in the legal industry always agree that a law firm environment is unlike anything they’ve experienced anywhere else. But when you ask them to explain the differences, they often say, “It’s hard to describe.” 

And yet, it is so very important to understand the law firm environment – whether you are a new hire into a firm, a law firm client, a law firm vendor, or anyone else on the periphery of the legal industry.

We’ve got you covered!

Savvy Training & Consulting is hosting a one-hour webinar featuring popular trainer Kelly Knowles. (See more info on Kelly below.)

Introduction to the Law Firm Environment

Thu., December 8, 1-2pm ET

By the end of this information-packed session, you (and everyone you invite from your firm, including new hires and vendors) will better understand the following:

Large Law Firm Structure

  • Partners = Owners
    • The Executive Board and Executive Committee
    • Committees
    • Types of Lawyers 
    • Types of Staff 

Basic Law Firm Terminology

  • AmLaw 100 and 200
    • Client/Matter
    • DMS
    • Word processing
    • Timekeepers

Client Expectations

  • How a client becomes a client
    • What clients demand from attorneys

Interactions Between Attorneys and Staff

  • How staff can add value to client relationships

Tactical Basics

  • Basic accounting (Firm vs Client expenses)
  • Phone and email etiquette
  • Training for efficiency and professional advancement
  • Trade organizations to join or follow

Who Should Attend

This webinar offers value to anyone who works in or for the legal industry. Even seasoned legal professionals will find that the content of this webinar provides clarity on some structural questions they may have been wondering for years.

Invite new hires, clients, vendors… anyone who could benefit from a peek behind the law firm curtain. You could even host this webinar in a conference room and gather all of your primary audience members together in one room.

Register today for this important webinar!

About the Trainer

Kelly Knowles earned her BBA and MBA from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), and she is the Lead Technology Trainer at Bradley Law, where she develops and provides technical and business skill training to all levels of the organization. 

Additionally, Kelly is an adjunct instructor in the Business Management Department at MTSU, where her favorite class to teach is Principles of Management.

In 2017, Kelly obtained a certification in the Color Code Personality Science and launched Kelly K. Consulting, which focuses on helping individuals and teams discover, develop and dig into their potential. She guides this through one/one and group coaching, as well as through corporate team training.


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