First Annual Savvy Survey on Training in the Legal Industry

Savvy has just published the findings from our first annual Savvy Survey on Training in the Legal Industry. While our goal is to run this survey annually to track trends, this is only Year 1, so there are no trends to report. However, we did see three themes in the data and written responses:

  1. Cultural barriers to training: Trainers are not feeling the love from upper management. Across many firms, there seems to be a cultural problem in trying to create a learning environment. Namely, if the bosses don’t do it themselves and expect it from others, it’s not going to happen.
  2. Cross-departmental efforts to incentivize training: Trainers desire a closer connection to HR, including help promoting learning throughout the firm. In the firms where HR and Training have established a partnership, participation in the training program seems particularly strong.
  3. Security, security, security: The one area that seems to be getting extremely popular in training circles is security. There is a clear bottom-line impact when a hacker breaks through. If only we could monetize the bottom-line impact of slow, inefficient word processing… we’d probably get just as much attention for Microsoft training as security training!

The report is short and sweet, and loaded with engaging graphics. We hope that you find it as interesting as we do. Of note: Our favorite aspect of the survey was the written responses. We’ve shared the most inspiring, informational, telling and funny!

View the survey here.


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