Diversity Training for Law Firms: How to Recruit the Best Candidates

Employers across all industries and around the country are struggling to fill open positions, especially entry-level positions. Is your culture going to be appealing to this new crop of employees, which is among the most diverse ever to enter the workforce? Make sure you offer diversity training for law firms to assure your culture welcomes these new recruits appropriately.

Gen Z is considered the most diverse generation in the workforce, with 48% being non-white and having grown up watching major shifts in the status quo like the Black Lives Matter and #MeToo movements. If you want to attract recent college graduates to your law firm, you need to take a hard look at your culture and how it supports diversity in the workplace. Namely: make sure you offer diversity training for law firms.

A recent survey by the team at Monster.com of Gen Z candidates showed that 83% said a company’s dedication to diversity and inclusion is important when they are choosing potential employers.

HR professionals, and recruiters should not only be working to build training programs that promote diverse and inclusive cultures, but they should be highlighting their programs with candidates, especially when they are interviewing someone from Gen Z. 

Savvy Training & Consulting has partnered with Traliant to offer a Diversity Training for Law Firms Suite to help you build and support the culture your law firm will need to grow and thrive with the next generation of employees.

Traliant’s modern, interactive course format is designed for how workforces learn today — with bite-sized episodes, broadcast quality videos depicting real-world situations and knowledge checks to drive retention. Offered in English and Spanish, and the ability to translate into 100+ languages, Traliant’s courses are available and mobile-optimized for 24/7 access on laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Contact Savvy today for a free trial.


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