New Compliance Courses for Law Firms

compliance courses for law firms

In a recent BusinessLawToday article, Alex Miller, J.D., Senior Product Manager at Kantola, wrote about the hidden costs of harassment and DEI training. He also wrote about the costs of NOT training or (maybe worse) providing inconsistent or ineffective training to just check a compliance box.

The true cost of harassment prevention and DEI training can be deceptive: it’s easy to focus on the price of obtaining the training, when in fact it is a small expense when measured against your total costs.

The first hidden cost to consider is the opportunity cost of your employees’ time while training. Like all-staff meetings costing thousands per minute, having everyone in an organization complete a training is inherently expensive. Employers are right to look for the highest quality training to ensure employees receive the greatest value and learning for time spent.

The cost of training administration is also easy to overlook. HR teams can invest significant time and money keeping records of completed trainings and managing annual and state-specific training for both employees and managers.

Online training has emerged as an option that delivers a consistent, convenient and impactful experience. Though training may cost thousands of dollars depending on organization size, it is powerful and easy to administer, especially with the shift to remote work.

On the flip side of this equation, though, is the cost of NOT training efficiently:

Of course, harassment and discrimination can have a lasting, harmful impact on those who endure it that organizations must consider first and foremost when planning prevention efforts. Beyond that, companies must consider the impact of costly lawsuits or administrative proceedings, in which damages and penalties can be significant if you lose, and legal fees in the hundreds of thousands even if you win. By adopting a comprehensive anti-harassment policy and providing adequate training, employers show that they’ve made good faith efforts to prevent harassment.

Kantola: Compliance Courses for Law Firms

Mr. Miller works with a company that I have been studying for a bit now and I am impressed by their research and their training products, especially their compliance courses for law firms. Kantola, recently won five Telly Awards, including two Golds, for their Harassment Prevention and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion eLearning courses. (Other Telly winners included Netflix, Microsoft and BBC Global News. Just name-dropping here!)

Kantola is an innovative eLearning company focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion and harassment prevention training solutions. They have many eLearning products that are perfect compliance courses for law firms. The company has partnered with Littler, the world’s largest labor and employment practice. Together, these two powerhouses work with top Hollywood talent and instructional design to create the highest quality and most engaging eLearning experience available in compliance. 

Kantola’s interactive elements help participants gain new insights about others and discover personal and practical ways to affect positive change. After training, learners rate Kantola courses a 9.1 out of 10, and 97% report they can better identify and deal with issues.

Additional Kantola features include:

  • 100% compliant – Exceeds all federal and state requirements 
  • Available versions include California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York, Washington, Other US States, Multi-State and Canada
  • Employee and Manager versions included
  • English and Spanish (fully dubbed) available
  • Customizable – your logo, your policy, your custom text, videos & more
  • Delivered via our Proprietary Training Software, SCORM delivery to your LMS or through integrations to your HRIS

If you are looking to start 2022 with an improved compliance program, contact Savvy today. I would love to give you a demo of these compliance courses for law firms. Book a 30- or 60-minute demo on my Calendly. I am at your beck and call!


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