Carrots Not Sticks: How to Create a Learning Culture at Your Law Firm or Corporate Legal Department

Do you struggle to entice people to comply with learning expectations at your law firm? Would you like some tips from people who faced the same challenges and found creative ways to incentivize learning?

Join Savvy and ILTA on Thursday, May 6, from 12 to 1pm EDT as we host an “Ask the Expert” session covering the following:

  • The Challenge: It is very hard for law firm technology trainers to motivate people all on their own to participate in learning. They have no carrots to offer learners.
  • The Solution: Trainers need to build a partnership with HR to create meaningful incentives so that people take learning seriously, ultimately creating a learning culture at the firm. (And if law firms truly want to embrace the tech changes coming their way, they’d BETTER have a learning culture in place.) Savvy CEO Doug Striker introduces some of Savvy’s clients who partnered with HR and management to boost learning.

Register today for this information-packed (and fun) session! Doug and the invited trainers will speak briefly and then there will be a wide-open forum so you can… Ask the Expert!


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