Security Training for Law Firms: Mission Critical

During ILTA>ON 2020, we hosted a fact-packed webinar about security training for law firms and it received rave reviews. Joanna Huisman, SVP of Strategic Insights & Research at KnowBe4, shared a fascinating report that covers phishing by industry. I encourage you to read the report. (Hint: law firms are a big target!)

She also spoke about the trends and ways to inspire proactive security awareness training in your law firm. Here are a few takeaways from Joanna’s presentation:

  • The average company, across industries, is 30% phish-prone, meaning 30% of its employees will fail when confronted with a phishing email. Meaning: 30% of their employees are likely to let cybercriminals into their network.
  • The legal industry faces, in general, a higher than average phish-prone percentage. For example, small law firms (1-249 employees) experience a 32.2% phish-prone rate. (See the report and webinar for specifics.)
  • After one quarter of security awareness training, that percentage drops to 15.6%.
  • After 12 months of security awareness training, that percentage drops to 2.3%. A very meaningful difference in your firm’s battle against hackers and ransomware operators.

But your training has to truly engage learners by helping them understand the impact of their own learning and engagement:

I encourage you to watch the entire presentation. Then, if you’re curious about KnowBe4’s proven phishing training for law firms, contact Savvy. We’d be happy to give you a free tour of the powerful platform!


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