No Goin’ Back: Get Used to Change

In our June edition of Savvy News, we posed the question: “Do you prefer working from home or the office?” A whopping 70% of respondents said they prefer working from home.

In our May edition of Savvy News, we asked, “Are the attorneys in your firm showing more interest in technology training?” and 64% of respondents said yes!

These results match the findings of a recent poll of legal administrators conducted by the Association of Legal Administrators, which found the following:

Q. Do you believe the changes in our working practices, including more remote, are more permanent or temporary?

A. 91% said “Permanent”

Q. COVID-19 has made our staff more willing to change their working practices.

A. 46% said “Agree” and 28% said “Strongly Agree.” That’s 74% who think people in their firm are more open to change.

Bob Ambrogi (legal guru at LawSites) included the following quote in his report on the ALA survey:

“It feels like these changes are a long time coming and it is unfortunate it took a pandemic to get us here, but this is a real opportunity to improve the legal service delivery model,” April Campbell, interim executive director of the ALA and moderator of the ALA panel, said of the poll results.

“Law firms will be able to focus on successful outcomes as the result of efficient processes rather than relying on a legal support system that was cumbersome and outdated. Some firms were already taking the leap before the pandemic, but now the rest of the industry is realizing the creation of new processes that work for their firms’ needs are a worthwhile endeavor.”

My own conversations with administrators in firms across the country have actually led me to believe that there is a collective sigh of relief emanating from those who have been pushing for technological improvements to outdated, clunky, inefficient and insecure law firm practices. Finally, management is listening!

Training is Critical for Change Management in Law Firms

But how do you foster change and embrace new technologies in your law firm, especially at a time when people are working remotely?

I have a solution that can not only prepare your people for the future but also make your life easy while doing it: A Learning Management System.

A cloud-based LMS can help you:

  • Create and deliver new training quickly. Load it and launch it with a few clicks.
  • Train employees to use the very tools that the legal industry is now embracing (ie. Zoom) as well as all the standard tools that they (aka “attorneys”) should have been learning all along but are probably just now discovering a desperate need for (ie. Word).
  • Promote remote training. Your employees can access it from everywhere and you can create individualized learning plans to accommodate learners at different levels.
  • Deliver social learning opportunities with webinars and online communities that reward participation.
  • Share return-to-work policies and require completion before allowing employees back to the office.
  • Onboard new employees from a distance (either remotely or six feet apart).

If your firm managers are suddenly embracing change, you need to adopt a robust training program PRONTO to support these advancements. Please allow me to give you a free demo of SavvyAcademy LMS. Not only is it the premier LMS for law firms today, but we take amazing care of our clients!


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