“Sisu Will Get You Even Through Granite”

For many years, I’ve been fascinated by the concept of sisu, which is a Finnish concept describing stoic determination, tenacity of purpose, grit, bravery, resilience and hardiness. Even more interesting, there is no English equivalent.

Recently, I found an article on BBC Worklife in which the Finnish author says her mother-in-law told her, “Sisu will get you even through granite.” The author then explains that the concept of sisu encompasses “… extreme perseverance and dignity in the face of adversity.”

Dignity in the face of adversity.

In my estimation, COVID-19 presents us all with an opportunity to face adversity with dignity — to find our sisu. At Savvy, we’ve been thinking a lot about who we want to be when we emerge from quarantine. As the discussions continue to unfold, we keep coming back to the Core Values that we established last year, which is a nice confirmation of the fact that we liked who we were and where we were headed before this crisis hit.

Below, I share Savvy’s core values.

I sincerely mean it when I say: If you or your firm need Savvy’s support, please contact me today. We want to help you!

Here’s to finding our collective sisu,

Doug Striker


Savvy’s Core Values

Positive Teamwork

The Savvy team thrives on:

  • Mutual trust and support
  • Engaged, positive collaboration

Exceptional Client Relationships

The Savvy team delivers:

  • Solutions-based service
  • Creative and innovative results
  • Industry-revolutionizing value

Proactive Happiness

The Savvy team believes in:

  • A healthy work/life balance
  • Empowering people to do their jobs and enjoy rich personal lives

Seriously Hard Work

The Savvy team is:

  • Driven to deliver exceptional products and services
  • Motivated to be the best


The Savvy team is honest


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