Hello Friends, How are you doing?

This is a tense, scary time. Savvy’s HQ is in Denver and I am working remotely at home with my wife and two young boys. (My Teams calls are frequently punctuated with me saying things like, “Don’t punch him! Hey! People don’t bend like that! You’re going to hurt him!”) Everyone I know is juggling new responsibilities (home schooling, caregiving) while trying to keep their companies, their firms and their jobs moving forward.I believe we must all help each other right now. I’ve been reaching out personally to clients, partners and even our competition to see how we might all work together in this difficult time. The truth is, at Savvy, we care about the legal industry and everyone who works in it and serves it. We care so much that we are reaching across bottom lines and enemy lines and lines of command to serve the legal industry in the best damn way we can imagine.I’ve opened up more seats for some our LMS clients, letting them know that we’ll sort out the billing later. I’ve asked my team to create new, free content on remote meeting platforms that we can share with anyone who needs it (see below), and I am reaching out to partners to see if Savvy can help them get their messages out to more people.We are truly all in this together and I would like to emerge from this with pride in the way that Savvy behaved in a crisis: that we helped as many people as we possibly could.Be well and let me know if you need anything at all,


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