5 Ways to Make Your Online Sexual Harassment Training More Engaging and Effective

One of the outcomes of the national spotlight on #MeToo is an increased demand for more effective sexual harassment training. With developments in eLearning technologies and strategies, organizations have an opportunity to replace the one-size-fits-all training model with a more creative approach that is interactive, engaging and relevant for modern learners.

Here are five ways to transform your law firm’s harassment training program into a more active and engaging learning experience for employees and managers:

1. Focus on behaviors, not the law

When it comes to preventing workplace harassment, what counts is what individuals do, not what they know. Effective sexual harassment training should focus on behaviors instead of the law and avoiding liability (the conventional model). Showing examples of good and bad behaviors, and their consequences, can help change the way employees think and act. And presenting topics in bite-sized modules keeps learners engaged and focused, making efficient use of everyone’s time and resources.

2. Tailor content to your industry

While the standards of conduct may not differ much from industry to industry, work environments do. Tailoring content to your law firm with legal-industry-specific video scenarios, images, and real-world examples adds an authentic tone and context which will resonate with employees.

Even more impactful: Including a video message from your CEO sets the “tone from the top” that training is an essential part of the organization’s strategy and commitment to preventing harassment.

Training should also accommodate the changing expectations for how employees want to learn. Offering mobile-optimized training that can be accessed on any device, and is available in multiple languages, can help improve learning engagement.

3. Communicate clear and consistent messages

When employees understand the organization’s expectations for behavior and how policies and procedures apply in their day-to-day work, they are more likely to follow them. Online training provides a flexible platform to clarify internal policies and reporting options, explain changes and address common questions.

4. Encourage employees to take action

Incorporating actionable topics such as bystander intervention is one of the most effective ways to stop harassing behavior and prevent future incidents. Teaching employees different techniques and strategies for responding directly or indirectly to harassment they witness can be a “game changer in the workplace,” according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. By creating a sense of collective responsibility, employees are empowered to be engaged bystanders in preventing harassment.

5. Stay up to date with evolving harassment training laws

For a growing number of employers, providing sexual harassment prevention training is now mandatory. To date, New York, New York City, California, Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware and Maine require employers to provide sexual harassment prevention training as part of new or expanded anti-harassment laws. Online training makes it easy and efficient to meet today’s requirements and stay up to date with evolving laws and regulations.

Savvy Can Help You Provide the Best Harassment Training to Your Law Firm

Savvy has partnered with Traliant to bring your law firm an online training solution that covers all of your needs. Traliant’s award-winning training features modern, bite-sized episodes presented in a news show format. Courses immerse your employees in interactive videos that let them choose alternate endings, while learning to handle difficult, real-world situations. The training is available in multiple languages and can be customized to make your training program reflect the culture and expectations of your organization.

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