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Prove Your Technological Competency to Your Clients

The profitability of law firms is directly tied to efficiency and security. If legal teams don’t use the technological tools at their disposal properly (even tools as common as Word), the entire production process slows down. Additionally, we see a new headline about hacked companies – including law firms – every week, with devastating details about security breaches. Simply put: today’s clients are rightfully concerned about time-waste in billable hours, and also about data security. Because of this, they are increasingly demanding proof of their lawyer’s / firm’s technological competency. How can you train your firm to competency and prove your worth to clients? Attend this ILTA Roadshow presentation and learn how law firms can develop a culture of learning that delivers both technological competency and client trust. In this session, you will:

  • Hear about some of the industry’s most notorious breaches and how they could have been avoided.
  • Examine case studies from firms that faced client demands for “proof of technological competence” and how they delivered.
  • Learn how to engage even your most resistant attorneys in a rewarding learning culture.
  • Discuss ways to prove to your clients that you have a team of highly tech-competent professionals who will deliver efficient (cost-effective) work and also protect their data.

Session is pending CLE credit approval.

WHENWednesday, March 2512 – 1:30 pm WHERELloyd, Gosselink, Rochelle & Townsend PC

816 Congress Avenue, Suite 1900

Austin, TX 78701

Attendees are advised to park on the street as building parking is costly.



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