11-Year-Old Shows Us How It’s Done!

Remember that Heifer International gift we made in December? Check out the amazing email I received about it!

Doug –

I have so enjoyed working with Katy and Terry this year as we’ve rolled out our LMS. They are spectacular!!

Just read your newsletter, told my 11 kiddo about Heifer International, we clicked the link and saw that today all gifts are triple matched! He ran and got $50 of his own money and was thrilled to have been able to have gifted a WHOLE alpaca as a result of the triple match. We dedicated the gift to my dad, who passed away 2 years ago in January. It was a lovely way to remember him.

Thank you for all the good you do all year and for instigating this new family tradition for the Cobbs fam. You have something really special brewing over there which has always been obvious by who you hire and now even more so by your heifer gift. So glad to be in your positive orbit and to have had this reminder to pay it forward with my kiddo.

Happy Holidays and wishing you all the best in the New Year!

Lori A. Cobbs

Training Specialist

Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP


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