Update: Ward and Smith Gets “Exactly What We Need” From Savvy

Back in February 2019, I shared a case study about Ward and Smith’s work with Savvy. The North Carolina law firm had several important short-term goals and one very significant long-term goal.

In the short-term, Ward and Smith needed:

  • Learning content that covered all of their standard technology tools
  • In-person training to support ongoing training goals across the firm
  • Security awareness training that could keep up with the firm’s aggressive goals

But their ultimate goal was to use all of this content and training to prove that it would be in the firm’s best interest to hire their own full-time trainer.

Ward and Smith partnered with Savvy Training & Consulting, which provided:

Charles Collins, IT Director, hoped that efforts in 2019 with Savvy would be so productive that he could get a budget line-item to add a full-time trainer in 2020.

Well, I just talked to Charles and he reports that not only was the Savvy training successful, but he was also authorized to hire a full-time trainer! Huzzah!

Allow me to break it down for you…

SavvySMART Learning Content

  • “Savvy gave us exactly what we needed. Purchasing the Savvy content prevented us from having to create all that material ourselves. It was a definite life-saver and time-saver.”
  • “The Savvy content covered everything we needed. The big four that we used most heavily were Windows 10, Office 2016, NetDocuments, and Nuance Power PDF.”

Trainers and Webinars

  • “The webinars were wildly popular. We had phenomenal turnout and feedback.”
  • “Even the negative feedback was positive. They said, ‘It should have been longer.’ Or, ‘I want more of this.’”
  • “It helped us prove how impactful it could be if we had our own trainer who understands the Ward and Smith culture and processes.”

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

  • “We have seen huge improvements in our phishing rates and I think it’s because the training content is so engaging. Every month, we release a new module that everyone has to take. I have people asking for that email at the beginning of every month!”
  • “KnowBe4’s training show, ‘The Inside Man,’ … people just eat it up! They are getting into it like a TV show. Our marketing director likes it so much she wants KnowBe4 to make the content into a Netflix series.”
  • “Our security awareness training has always been mandatory, but with KnowBe4, I am doing a lot less running around and following up with people than I had to do with our previous training program. KnowBe4 is much easier to manage and enforce because people enjoy it.”

Overall, Charles reports:

  • “Our experience with Savvy training was obviously a huge success. I can’t say enough good things about the entire experience with Savvy.”
  • I’d like to congratulate Charles on his pending hire in 2020. It was an honor to work with Ward and Smith.


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