Savvy Makes Gift to Heifer International

On behalf of the entire Savvy Training team, I’m deep-down pleased to let you know that we have made a gift to Heifer International in honor of our amazing clients.

We thought about swag gifts that we could send but, let’s be honest – most of that stuff ultimately ends up in a landfill. The Savvy leadership team wanted to make a lasting impact as we also recognized our amazing clients.

So, why did we pick Heifer? We discussed our options as a team, and we all love Heifer! In fact, our kids (and grandkids) love Heifer, so that was the deciding factor. We’re hoping that our clients will tell their kids and grandkids that Savvy made a gift to Heifer to honor them, and then get online to talk about Heifer’s amazing work. Let’s spread the word!

Heifer International’s mission is to end poverty and hunger by supporting sustainable agriculture and farming around the world. My kids love the idea that they can “buy” and give a goat to a needy family, which will then provide milk, cheese and butter to the family. Or a flock of chicks! A family can raise those chicks and then enjoy eggs for nourishment, and sell the eggs for an income.

The shopping list at Heifer goes on and on, including:

  • Water for Life
  • Heifer
  • Dream Basket
  • Alpaca
  • Gift of Trees
  • Biogas Stoves for a Village
  • Sheep
  • And much more…

Heifer also Empowers Women, helping them to start a business and sending girls to school.

Do you see how Heifer transforms lives?

Therefore, on behalf of the Savvy Training leadership team, I extend a heifer-sized heap of gratitude to our clients and hope that you see our gift to Heifer International as an extension of our gratitude for an amazing partnership with you.


Doug, Terry, Jay, Katy, Janalee


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