Compliance Training for Law Firms

As a Human Resources or Training Manager at a law firm, you’re tasked to make sure your firm’s employees behave properly… not only because you want a positive, secure work environment but because your firm could get in a lot of legal trouble if people misbehave!

From sexual harassment to diversity expectations to GDPR standards, your attorneys, staff and administrators must all understand your firm’s expectations and their role in creating a productive, secure and positive workplace culture.

This means you must offer compliance trainings.

But – Holy Moly! – can compliance training be dull!

As the Number-One training partner to the legal industry (and as people who HATE anything dull), Savvy’s team searched high and low for a compliance vendor that could enable us to deliver engaging (dare we say fun?) compliance training to our clients. We found Traliant and I think you’re going to be impressed.

Why Traliant?

Traliant is revolutionizing the compliance training experience with modern, bite-sized videos presented in a modern, news-style format. Courses immerse learners in interactive episodes that let them choose alternate endings, while learning to handle difficult, real-world situations. By influencing behavior and culture, your employees learn to act ethically, speak up and prevent harassment and discrimination, and promote a positive, respectful workplace

Best of all, in my humble opinion, is that the videos are easily customizable to incorporate your own company’s policies and can even target challenges that are specific to the legal industry.

AND, if you’re struggling to get firm management on board with new compliance training, you can stroke your CEO’s ego by making a video of him/her to introduce the video series! (This tactic also increases employee interest.)

Here are some testimonials from Traliant customers:

  • “We chose Traliant because the training format was modern, engaging and fit our employee culture very well. Our employees have given us great feedback and they also appreciate accessing the courses on their smart phones.” – Aaron West, HR Director, Coopersmith Global Logistics
  • “We’ve been blown away by Traliant. Look no further if you are seeking engaging content for your workforce. Their training is the best we’ve seen, by far! You won’t believe me when I say this, but our employees asked for more.” – Ali Tankiewicz, HR Associate, Apex Clean Energy
  • “I wanted a solution that could deliver engaging training with excellent customer service at reasonable pricing. I received compliments throughout my organization about the training. (That never happens!)” – David Kroes, Head of HR, INgrooves

Check out this Traliant video to learn more:

Why Savvy?

Savvy Training & Consulting serves one industry. One. We are not a training company that tries to serve every industry and every niche in the universe: we serve lawyers and law firms. Because of this specialization – and because most of our employees have served on the “inside” at multiple law firms – we understand your unique culture. We have lived the “pecking order,” the excruciating deadlines, the challenges of engaging attorneys in trainings that they feel are mere distractions from their “real work.” We get it.

And we can work with you to deliver Traliant compliance training in a way that grabs people, inspires them and delivers results.

Would you like to see Traliant’s extensive catalog of courses? Are you interested in a free demo of Traliant’s products? Contact Savvy today using this form, or reach out directly to Jay Stromberg, Chief of Business Development:, 303-800-4568


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