Savvy Is Offering Big Q4 Incentives for New and Current Clients!

Savvy Training & Consulting has announced Q4 incentives for new and current clients who purchase a Savvy service or product before December 31, 2019.

Discounts for Brand-New Savvy Customers

Not currently a Savvy customer? Consider the following…

  • Do you have an LMS but need something more user-friendly? More customizable to your firm’s specific uses?
  • Do you need training content targeted specifically to the legal industry?
  • Are you searching for a security awareness training partner?
  • Are you planning to rollout a new technology in 2020 and plan to include onsite training?

Now is the time to contact Savvy Training & Consulting. We would love to give you a free demo of our award-winning training products or discuss our in-person training services. When we chat, we can share our Q4 incentives for new clients.

Discounts for Existing Customers Who Upgrade or Add Features to Their Savvy Products

Are you currently using a Savvy product or service? Let us show you our appreciation by giving you a discount on any additional Savvy support that you need!

  • Do you have the SavvySMART Content Library and need an LMS to deliver, track and administer it more efficiently?
  • Are you searching for a security awareness training tool?
  • Are you anticipating a big rollout in 2020 and plan to include onsite training?

You’re in luck! Because as a current Savvy client, you are eligible for special discounts on any additional products or services you purchase from Savvy. Contact us today for the details.

What Are These Incredible Discounts?

Contact Savvy’s Chief of Business Development, Jay Stromberg, for more information today., 303-800-4568.


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