Security Awareness Training… with Cliffhangers

If you are sick of hearing that training is “boring,” check this out. KnowBe4 has launched an episodic, engaging and well-crafted security awareness series called, The Inside Man, and it’s like something you binge-watch on Netflix!

Here is a description from KnowBe4:

In this 12-episode video series, a compelling story, an incredible cast, and very high production quality combine to create the coolest series ever streamed.

Produced in partnership with our friends at Twist & Shout, “The Inside Man” is KnowBe4’s first custom, network-quality video series that delivers an entertaining, movie-like experience for your users and makes learning how to make smarter security decisions fun and engaging. From social engineering and passwords, to social media and travel, “The Inside Man” reveals how easy it can be for an outsider to penetrate your organization’s security controls and network.

Meet Mark: the star of the series who is working at his new job as an IT security analyst, but no one suspects that he’s already inside the company’s most secure systems or that sinister forces are pulling his strings.

Will Mark complete his mission to bring down the company? Or will these new friendships with co-workers bring him out of the dark web and into the light?

I gotta say – this series is a blast! Sure, it’s educational but, I confess, I watched each episode to see what happens next. There is no “dry” teaching in this series but learn you will!

Watch the trailer here.

What Else is KnowBe4 Doing?

KnowBe4 is a trailblazer when it comes to security awareness training. For example, they continue to update their Executive Series videos. The latest is titled, “Remote and Travel WiFi Dangers.”

Additionally, there is another new module titled, “Understanding Link Rewrites.” The 7-minute course is described as follows: “You’ve heard ‘Think before you click,’ but what happens if your organization/email provider intentionally changes the path of that link as part of their security measures? This video module provides a quick overview of link rewrites, exploring purpose and process, including why the user needs to remain ever-vigilant towards phishing attacks.”

Is your security awareness training engaging? Is it delivering results? If you responded NO to either of those questions, contact me today to learn more about KnowBe4.


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