Modrall Sperling Chooses SavvyAcademy LMS

“Everything we have from Savvy is wonderful.”


  • Stanley M. Fried, Director of Training, Modrall Sperling
  • Challenge

    • An unappealing, arcane learning management system was inhibiting firm-wide learning and slowing down new hire orientations.
    • Solution

      • SavvyAcademy LMS
      • SavvySMART Content Library


      • Streamlined new hire trainings
      • “Gorgeous” interface on the LMS
      • “Easily digestible, easily retained” content
      • Users can easily find the content they need


      When Stanley Fried joined Modrall Sperling as the new Director of Training, he inherited an old learning management system that few were using.

      “It was very difficult for people to navigate,” he reports. “It was arcane, with an old design, no graphic user interface, so it was very difficult for people to find what they needed if they even bothered to use it. It was also hard to administer. I have a friend at a different firm who still has that system and they had to dedicate a person full-time just to run it. It’s very hard to manage.”

      So, Stanley got the go-ahead to shop for a new LMS, but he didn’t have to shop for long.

      “While I was in the market and looking around, my boss said I should take look at the Savvy LMS. We already had the SavvySMART Content Library and those courses were good, so I trusted Savvy. When I saw the LMS, it was such an easy interface that I didn’t bother doing any more shopping around. It was an easy decision.”

      Stanley Fried’s additional comments:

      On the SavvyAcademy LMS

      • The LMS is very easy to load and to work with.
      • On the very first day using the LMS, I had a question from somebody about Excel. Rather than go into Excel and figure it out myself, or going online, I went into the LMS to see if the answer was there, and I got the answer right away.
      • Users can see what is in there and available, readily and easily.
      • I set up a path for new hires to take. It’s great because they can easily find the content they need and I can see whether or not they’re taking courses.
      • The folks at Savvy do a great job at answering questions. They helped me customize the LMS for our firm. On our Savvy LMS, we have a gorgeous interface that I was able to build while working with the Savvy people. It’s attractive, warm and logical for the user to go in and find what they need.

      On the SavvySMART Content Library

      • The SavvySMART courses are a good length so they don’t take too much time. They are easily digestible and retained.
      • They offer comprehensive courses in a condensed fashion so they are easy to retain.


      • Everything we have from Savvy is wonderful. In fact, everybody I’ve talked to that has ever worked with Savvy likes their service and products. I’m very happy with our purchase.
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