Preventing Harassment and Discrimination in Law Firms

(Note! At the bottom of this article about compliance training, I share some important information especially for New York law firms. Read on!)

For the most part, when I get up on my weekly blogging soapbox, I wax on about tech skills, such as MS 2016 migrations, cybersecurity and learning management systems. But in my travels and chats with trainers across the legal industry, I have learned that human resources professionals are clamoring for compliance courses that cover people skills!

  • How should you behavein the work environment?
  • What is appropriate or inappropriate?

I know that many people think the answers to those questions are obvious, but as we become a globalized society, we often have people of multiple cultures and backgrounds coming together to work as a team. While very few people would intentionally harass or discriminate against a co-worker, sometimes our actions can convey unintended messages.

Well, did you know that Savvy offers a series of training courses titled, “Preventing Harrassment and Discrimination?” Did you know that this series was created by the award-winning team at Vado?

You didn’t?! Well, read on…

This Ain’t Old School Compliance Training

If you already offer courses on this topic from a different vendor and if you ever get feedback that the courses are:

  • Boring
  • Outdated
  • Not optimized for the mobile learner

And if you want…

  • Something different, something better
  • Flexibility to buy just the courses you need (rather than the full HR Compliance Bundle)
  • Competitive pricing

Then, you should consider offering Vado’s “Preventing Harassment and Discrimination” series instead! (See the video below for a taste of why Vado is different.) There are three courses in this series:

  1. 30-minute employee course
  2. 60-minute manager course
  3. 2-hour manager course to satisfy CA & CT state requirements (And now these courses are tailored to New York state requirements, as well! See below.)

These courses are “super cool” because they include:

  • Quick Learning Modules: These 5- to 8-minute modules can be completed in any order the learner chooses
  • Interactivity: Each module ends with a game in which the learner earns points
  • Real-world examples: Scenarios with alternative endings

Additionally, these three courses are available in Spanish.

Further, the courses are easily customizable.

  • Use your logo
  • Include a picture of your office as a background in the course
  • Customize the “Viewer Mailbag” questions to include issues unique to your office environment
  • Customize the “News Crawl” at the bottom of the screen
  • Import your own CEO video
  • Customize the quiz questions
  • And much, much more

But Wait! New York, There’s Something Here for You, Too!

Vado recently announced a new version of the Preventing Discrimination and Harassment course that meets NY requirements!

The course is designed similar to the other versions of the Preventing Discrimination and Harassment course in that it has:

  1. Video scenarios that are real work life situations
  2. Users interact with the course by selecting how the characters should respond to the situations
  3. Modules end with quizzes and users earn points for correct answers

The course includes modules on:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Bystander intervention
  • Unconscious bias
  • Managers’ responsibilities

But now, New York law firms can customize the trainings in the following ways:

  • Include organization’s sexual harassment policy
  • Include the organization’s complaint procedure and who to contact

Would you like to learn more? Contact me today for a free (fun) demo of these impactful (fun) trainings.


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