PinHawk Says: “Time To Hug Your Trainers”

In its June 14, 2018 edition, PinHawk: The Law Technology Daily Digest suggested that law firms hug their trainers because there’s a big change coming to Microsoft products:

“In the biggest overhaul since 2007 and the ribbon, “Microsoft is overhauling the interfaces of all the Office versions to bring a much more consistent look and feel across the various platforms that the applications support. This new interface will have three central elements.” Just when you thought it was safe, you’ll see a new, simpler ribbon, with new icons and colors. If you’ve gone Office 365, you’ll get it first! It is time to hug your trainers, buy them coffee and donuts or wine and cheese and get ready. Read more at ars technica: Microsoft rebuilding the Office interface to align it across Web, mobile, and desktop”

Need a trainer to hug? Savvy Training & Consulting offers all of the following training services, modalities and products:

  • SavvyAcademy Learning Management System
  • SavvySMART Content Library
  • Traveling Classroom
  • Floor Training
  • Virtual Help Desk
  • Security Training
  • Document Management System Training
  • Customized Training to Meet Your Law Firm’s Specific Needs, Big or Small

Want to discuss these big Microsoft changes and how to keep your firm’s productivity stable (and even enhance it)? Let’s talk!, 303-800-5408


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