Case Study: Verrill Dana Supports Ongoing Training Program with SavvySMART Content Library


  • Samantha, Training Coordinator
  • Verrill Dana LLP
  • Samantha is the sole trainer at her law firm of approximately 250 employees who work across four different offices in Maine, Boston and Connecticut.
  • Samantha needed training materials at the push of a button so that she wouldn’t have to create handouts, quick reference guides and tutorials every time she taught a course or offered one-on-one help. Ideally, this content would include training materials specific to the law industry.
  • SOLUTION: SavvySMART Content Library
    • RESULTS:
    • Samantha reports the following:

      • “SavvySMART saves me time. I just taught a slew of Excel classes and I did not have to create handouts. I just used content from the Savvy library.”
      • “Sometimes I have to teach myself something before I go teach it to someone else. I use the SavvySMART library to ‘train the trainer’ before going to answer a help desk question.”
      • “As I look for more learning content in the library, I’m pleasantly surprised that Savvy offers content on some of the law firm-specific programs that we use, such as BEC Legal’s DocketEnterprise.”
      • “People in the firm often randomly email me saying they’re having problems with a certain task. Instead of having to stop what I’m doing to help them, I can send them a quick reference manual from the Savvy library to answer their questions.”

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