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Let’s face it. The law firm industry is special. (No, not like your sister’s husband is “special.”) Our work, words and legal products are so highly specialized that some people say they can’t even understand “legalese.” And within each law firm, there are unique protocols and systems that further refine the work that we do.

As a trainer serving a law firm, you have cascading levels of knowledge that you must personally stay ahead of and then easily and quickly share with everyone in your firm. From giant software releases to miniscule tasks like creating tables of contents in the firm’s authorized format, you must infuse everyone in your firm with the knowledge they need to work efficiently and successfully.

Most law firm trainers buy content libraries that offer an easily accessible knowledge base to their firm. This content should not only offer learning materials for every software rollout and update, but also contain the firm-approved protocols for work products. Such an expansive, thorough, continuously updated content library will not only help to indoctrinate new hires in the “firm way,” but will enable trainers to keep seasoned attorneys and staff moving forward through every question that they may ask.

But how to find the content that is right for your law firm? Here are a few things to consider:

  • Law-firm specific: As noted above, the legal industry is special. Generic content created for corporate America likely won’t serve a law firm’s unique needs. Law firm trainers need off-the-shelf content that they don’t have to edit for legal use.
  • Customizable: Once this legal-specific content is purchased by the firm, the trainer should be easily able to customize it for his or her firm’s needs. From library-wide firm branding to in-the-weeds tweaks that capture your firm’s unique processes, trainers should be able to “make it his or her own.”
  • Extensive catalog: It takes a long time to develop a law firm-specific catalog that captures every task, protocol and upgrade that a trainer needs. The content library that you purchase should contain a huge breadth of topics and deep resources within each topic.
  • Constantly updated: If you buy a content library and it remains static, likely it will become useless to you within a very short timeframe. You need to subscribe to a library that is continuously updated with new resources so that you don’t have to Google new concepts every time an attorney asks a question.
  • Variety of delivery options: If the training content you buy offers information only one way – for example, quick reference guides – then your training program will be constrained to delivering answers and education using that one resource. Instead, search for a content library that includes videos, reference guides, articles, blog posts, full-blown courses, quizzes and more.
  • Compatible: The content library that you choose should also be compatible with the LMS you currently use, or with the firm-wide network that you’ve developed. If a vendor is forcing you to buy their content with their LMS, then you’re being pigeon-holed into their system. It should work the other way around.

Fortunately, I know a law firm-specific content library that meets all of these criteria! The SavvySMART Content Library. And while I could boast and brag about it, I think it makes a lot more sense for me to let others share their views with you.

What Do Law Firm Trainers Think of the SavvySMART Content Library

Melisa Wimsatt, Professional Development Manager for Bass, Berry & Sims, reports the following:

  • “We had been using a different product for a while and it was good, but their lessons were task-based, one task at a time. In moving to Microsoft 2016, we need people to understand the broader context. The Savvy e-learning modules provide context beyond the tasks. SavvySMART helps us teach the bigger picture.”
  • “Another selling point was that there are quizzes built into the SavvySMART courses so that we can see how everyone is doing.”
  • “The lessons plus the quizzes mean that people can direct their own learning. This helps us move into a continuous learning culture.”

Dan Bressler, Senior Technical Trainer for Broad and Cassel, states:

  • “People love the fact that there is a table of contents with links to specific topics so they don’t have to sit through an entire video to get the information they want.”
  • “We have our own LMS, so whenever Savvy releases new content, such as their latest NetDocs content, we download it, put it on the system and announce it via email. The videos are immediately available and can be viewed by all instantly.”
  • “Every time I email them with a question, they always give me a quick, honest response. Plus, they’re very friendly and pleasant to talk to.”

Robin Gipson, Training and Development Administrator for Moss & Barnett, says:

  • “Our attorneys and staff love the knowledgebase and the Savvy content. It’s so easy to find something that they need help on. They just type keywords and they get search results: videos, reference guides, articles, blog posts, or courses.”
  • Angie Kinsey, Software Support and Training Manager for Miller & Martin, reports:

    • “Not only would I recommend Savvy to other firms, I have recommended Savvy and will continue to do so. I believe in Savvy: its people, its content and its approach are top notch.”
    • “It serves as a resource for materials. When I say materials, I mean materials GALORE.”
    • “Savvy was (and still is) a true legal-specific training cafeteria. If you don’t know something, watch a video and turn yourself into an expert. If you need something and it’s not there, ask Doug and Terry.”
    • “For me, the people at Savvy are the number one reason to purchase SavvySMART. I have met many Savvy employees and I like every single one of them. They have all been professional and honest with me. Savvy folks have never been pushy but always there when you need them.”
    • “Cost is always a factor and Savvy is very reasonably priced.”
    • “The Savvy staff is responsive and exceptionally helpful. I really do feel like they care about my success and value my input.”
    • “I do believe it is important to shop around. I have shopped around. I’ve got the t-shirts to prove it. But there is something about Savvy that sets them apart. There is a real genuineness to them.”

    Tammie L. McQuain, Executive Director for Morris, Polich & Purdy, reports:

    • “I don’t ever have to worry about finding training content for new versions of software. Savvy is always uploading new content into the library. Often times, a firm can spend a lot of money bringing in an outside trainer, but Savvy has everything we need, from training materials to learner-guided materials, including quick start guides, videos, exams, etc.”
    • If you’d like a free demo of the SavvySMART Content Library, contact me today!


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