KnowBe4 Recognized by Gartner as a Leader

I’ve always been proud of Savvy’s partnership with KnowBe4, the world’s premier anti-phishing and security awareness training company. For years, we have delivered KnowBe4’s security awareness training campaigns to law firms, which are increasingly under attack from cybercriminals around the world. Law firms are like banks in that they store a nearly limitless supply of what hackers want: banks store money; law firms store sensitive personal information.

KnowBe4 has helped Savvy’s clients reduce their exposure by huge percentages leading to increased confidence in their IT departments that the firm is doing all it can to secure their clients’ valuable documents and information.

Well now, more people are getting on the “I-Love-KnowBe4” bandwagon!

Gartner has placed KnowBe4 in its “Magic Quadrant” for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training in 2017. Here is what the “presser” from KnowBe4 says:

“Gartner has positioned KnowBe4 as a leader in the security awareness CBT market, based on our ability to execute and completeness of vision.

As the fastest-growing company within this market, our mission to train employees to make smarter security decisions within client organizations has been successful using world-class training and simulated phishing to improve their security posture and mitigate risk.”

More about Gartner: “Gartner, Inc. is the world’s leading research and advisory company. We help business leaders across all major functions in every industry and enterprise size with the objective insights they need to make the right decisions.”

I have written several times about KnowBe4’s ease, convenience and solid results. Their security awareness training for law firms rolls out in three easy steps: 1) Train your users, 2) Phish your users, 3) Use the results to train and phish again. One law firm that we trained using KnowBe4’s platform went from a 20% fail rate to 4% in just four weeks.

Now, I thought I’d share a few more of the resources available through KnowBe4. Did you know that they offer several free tests that you can use to evaluate your law firm on everything from phishing to ransomware attacks? They include:

  • Phishing Security Test: Did you know that 91% of successful data breaches started with a spear-phishing attack? Learn more.
  • Awareness Program Builder: Get your free customized Automated Security Awareness program with calendar and PDF here.
  • Phish Alert Button: Do your users know what to do when they receive a suspicious email or attachment? Click here.
  • Domain Spoof Test: One of the first things hackers try is to see if they can spoof the email address of your CEO. Give it a shot.
  • Ransomware Simulator Tool: Is your network effective in blocking ransomware and social engineering attacks? Learn more.
  • Weak Password Test: Did you know 81% of hacking-related breaches used either stolen and/or weak passwords? Learn more.
  • Email Exposure Check Pro: Have your users made you an easy target for spear phishing? Find out!

If you like these free tools, call me to learn more about the full suite of KnowBe4’s training capabilities. Truly, in much less time (and money) than you might imagine, you can make your law firm more secure, protecting current clients and reassuring prospective clients.

Call me today for a free demo of KnowBe4’s award-winning security awareness training platform.


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