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You probably know that Savvy offers an award-winning learning management system (LMS) and rich, legal-specific learning content, but did you know that we constantly update them to improve our users’ experience?

Most recently, we completed the following updates to the SavvyAcademy™ LMS:

  • Auto-Assign Rules: We are all about automation, automation, automation! One of our many goals is to continue to find ways to have the administrator doing as little manual work as possible. The new auto-assign rules allow the admin to automatically assign users to groups based on their responses to custom user data/profile information. For example, if a learner says she is a paralegal, she will automatically be added to the “paralegal” group. This, in turn, automatically allows users to take advantage of the group benefits of a) auto enrolling users into applicable courses, and b) automatically assigning a ‘manager’ to oversee learners’ progress.
  • Advanced Password Policy: This feature allows administrators to match a company password policy by enforcing stricter passwords with character limits and expiration dates.
  • User Filters (User Page/Reports): With ways to easily disable users’ logins individually or in a batch, we’ve now implemented an easy way to also filter users who have had their login disabled from reporting and user lists. You will no longer need to filter them out at an Excel level or skew your statistics with learners who may no longer be with the firm.
  • Gamification: The SavvyAcademy LMS now engages learners even more effectively and encourages them to take more training by awarding points and custom badges for course completion. It also awards them for specific activities, such as self-enrolling in a course. Reporting on total points earned is also easy if you wish to reward learners with physical honors, such as gift certificates.

But wait! There’s more!

Any law firm that searches for an LMS makes a list of must-haves when putting out an RFP. Some of those must-haves might include:

  • Custom user data fields
  • Training content included
  • Customizable training content
  • Cloud-based (not on law firm premises)
  • Set-up and ongoing support included in subscription
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Course assignment flexibility (administrator has the power to set prerequisites, add additional resources to any course, manage course duration and test requirements, create private classes, and more)
  • Courses integrate with classes that follow AICC or SCORM standards
  • Mass registration for multiple users
  • Significant communication and collaboration ability (such as the ability to send emails to a roster of learners or based on group or user profile)
  • CLE/CPD/CEU compliance and tracking
  • Robust search features and calendar integration
  • Strong and flexible reporting capabilities
  • And much more

But SavvyAcademy goes above and beyond the must-haves. Consider all of the “nice-to-haves” that SavvyAcademy offers its clients:

  • Priced by users, not by the total number of people at a firm
  • Law firm-specific content (not generic content that is meant to serve any industry)
  • Landing page announcements to keep hot issues visible
  • Configurable catalog that allows the administrator to determine what type of information to display for learners
  • Group or bundle courses together for easy enrollment or assignment
  • Tool to create and send surveys
  • Support for informal learning objects (such as on-the-job training) to be assigned and tracked by the LMS
  • Auto-reminder email for assigned students/instructors/managers/administrators regarding due date for learning plan or individual learning activities
  • Fully integrated web conferencing capabilities
  • Extended enterprise support (e.g. external attendee)
  • Automatic register/de-register notification via email
  • Require courses to be completed in a defined order
  • Set completion date for assigned items
  • Configure learning plan completion requirements based on either the number of learning objects completed (all or specified subset) or number of CLE/CPD/CEUs completed
  • Track employee licensing and certifications, including expiration dates
  • Indication of new, popular or featured content
  • Reporting that indicates credits for each learner/course (both internal and external)
  • Report on learning plan progress across groups/globally
  • Learners able to review/print a transcript that includes credits for all learning types (e.g. instructor-led, vILT, e-learning, external, etc.)
  • Role-based competencies linked to courses

And, of course, there’s even more! But those are just a few of the highlights.

If you’re looking for a law firm-specific LMS, and you want it supported by a company that is renowned for stellar customer service, call or email Savvy Training & Consulting today. We’d love to give you a free demonstration of our award-winning SavvyAcademy LMS!


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