Savvy Partners with DocsCorp

When I discover a company that is doing something great for law firms, I get excited! And then I try to get involved! That’s what happened when I learned about DocsCorp, a company that helps transform an organization’s slow and outdated processes with sophisticated solutions for document processing and review.

And let’s face it: law firms need lots of document processing help. In fact, the entire law industry is one giant document processing machine. If there are technological advances that can make our jobs easier and more secure, and also enhance our communications with clients, we should be all ears.

So, of course, I gave them a shout and said, “I like what you’re doing. Can we team up?” They kicked the tires on Savvy Training & Consulting to be sure that we were the real-deal. Liking what they saw, we shook hands. So now, Savvy Training is a Certified DocsCorp Training Partner.

DocsCorp designs easy-to-use software and services for document professionals who use enterprise content management systems. One of my favorite DocsCorp products is their pdfDocs solution. Not only is it super-robust, but it’s affordable! (Something “that other PDF company” cannot claim.)

How many times have you thrown your hands up in exasperation while trying to edit a PDF document? pdfDocs by DocsCorp provides you with a number of tools for editing PDFs.

You can:

  • Edit, enhance and mark-up content
  • Improve navigation by adding bookmarks, links
  • Modify the document by adding or removing pages or documents from a collated set
  • Split the PDF to comply with email or court filing requirements
  • Redact private or confidential information
  • Convert the PDF to a Word or image file

With pdfDocs you can also edit text and images. This will save you from having to make minor changes to the original document and converting to PDF again. Instead, you can make your edits directly on the PDF page.

You just said, “Finally!” I agree!

DocsCorp Also Helps with Archiving

Archiving documents in the digital age has a number of challenges, not least of which is the constant development and deployment of new software, which can prevent opening documents created in older versions of the software. Therefore, archiving documents in their native format is problematic. DocsCorp is a member of the PDF Association (formerly PDF/A), a non-profit association of more than 110 organizations and individual experts from 20 different countries dedicated to promoting the exchange of information and experience in the area of long-term archiving of documents.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose pdfDocs as your PDF Management System

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Modern and familiar interface
  3. Unique organizer workspace
  4. Powerful document binders
  5. Out-of-the-box DMS integration
  6. PDF/A creation and validation
  7. Secure document exchange
  8. Add information with Numbering Sets
  9. Markup and review
  10. Stationery Sets for all

If you’d like to read any more about these Top 10 features, click here.

Need DocsCorp Training?

As you can see, I’m enthusiastic about the DocsCorp company and about the products they offer law firms. If you need assistance launching DocsCorp solutions, or if you are looking to introduce ongoing DocsCorp trainings, please contact me today. I can help set you up on a free trial of the company’s products, or we can dive right into your learning pathways.

I look forward to hearing from you! 303-800-5408,


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