Savvy Training Partners with Mimecast

The hits just keep coming.

Security hits at law firms, that is. Cybercriminals seem to have a laser pointed at law firms today and they are hacking through law firm firewalls like crazy. One of their favorite targets? Email. Email is the primary way that businesses and law firms get hacked today.

And there’s another way that law firms are now vulnerable if they don’t get their systems secure: class action law suits. Luckily, the most recent attempt to sue a firm for lax security got shot down but you know there are more coming.

So, you need to secure your email systems pronto or face attacks on two fronts:

  • Cybercriminals
  • Class action law suits

I’ve written a lot of articles about training your employees to recognize suspicious email, which will always be important, and I invite you to read a few of those pertinent articles by visiting the links at the bottom of this article.*

In addition to employee trainings, though, law firms are also doing everything they can to block criminals out of email before it ever reaches their employees’ desks. Unfortunately, as we’ve grown more cognizant of all the ways that email exposes us, many companies and firms have locked it down in all kinds of complex and unrelated ways, which slows productivity. They’ve invested in disconnected systems that archive email, secure email and provide continuity in the face of disaster. But usually, these systems are completely separate and they don’t “play nicely together.”

Isn’t there one service that can manage all of these complex email processes for you?

Why yes! Yes, there is!

It’s called Mimecast and I’m happy to report that I’ve partnered with them so that I can load all of their training materials onto the SavvyAcademy LMS for your training needs.

A Bit More About Mimecast

Mimecast’s security, archiving and continuity cloud services protect business email and deliver comprehensive email risk management in one fully-integrated subscription service.

Mimecast reduces the risk, complexity and cost traditionally associated with protecting email. With Mimecast, you no longer have to manage an array of disjointed solutions from multiple vendors. And you mitigate single vendor exposure if you have moved your primary email server to the cloud with services like Microsoft Office 365.

Mimecast’s best-of-breed services protect the email of over 24,900 customers and millions of users worldwide against targeted attacks, data leaks, malware and spam. We give employees fast and secure access to sensitive business information, and ensure email keeps running in the event of a primary service outage.

Simply put: Mimecast’s single integrated cloud service for email security, archiving and continuity radically reduces the cost and complexity of your current systems at an affordable, predictable, recurring fee.

About Mimecast’s Spokesperson

I know what you’re thinking: “Mimecast is so cool!”

Well, I’m about to tell you something that will make you think, “Holy cow! Mimecast just got even cooler!”

Guess who they have doing their awareness campaign? Jeremy Piven! Who doesn’t love Jeremy Piven! (If you just raised your hand, please step away from the blog and go watch Entourage.)

Check out this series of videos to learn more about Mimecast and to geek out on Jeremy Piven.

Savvy and Mimecast

So, once you (wisely) decide to ask Mimecast to protect your email, you’ll need to train your employees on the Mimecast protocols… and guess who is present and ready to help you? Savvy Training & Consulting, of course. We have inked an agreement with Mimecast to load all of their training materials onto the SavvyAcademy LMS so that you can create a learning path for the curriculum and track your employees’ progress.

And just a heads-up: if you have security concerns and feel like your research is pointing you in dozens of directions, please contact me. I’ve got my antennae up for new and emerging technologies all the time and I love helping firms figure out which solutions might be best for their needs.

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