Savvy Training asks “How can you move your career forward and achieve technological prowess? Follow

  1. Identify your weaknesses: Be honest with yourself and list your tech-flaws. Does your paralegal have to fix all of your documents before they see the light of day? Is your entire firm using a version of Microsoft Office that you have refused to adopt? Do you know how to quickly store and retrieve old files from your firm’s document management system? Your reluctance to learn more is costing you and your firm money.
  2. Seek learning resources that you can read on a regular basis: Legal Administrator Daily and Law Technology Daily Digest are two outstanding resources that you could scan daily for topics that could advance your knowledge. You may also subscribe to the Savvy Tips & Tricks newsletter, which comes out monthly and includes super-quick tips for improving your skills and efficiency with many software tools, from Outlook to Excel to Word to OneNote.
  3. Take advantage of learning opportunities in your firm and online: If your firm has a training professional, ask that person to help you learn the specific skills you seek. (The trainer will probably pass out from excitement!) Also, consider online options available to you at any time such as the webinars that my company offers on a regular basis.


Savvy Training & Consulting works with leading companies and technologies to deliver the most up-to-date training solutions and curricula to law firms. Savvy recently unveiled an award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) for law firms, SavvyAcademyTM, which delivers scalable training capabilities, reportable data down to the individual user and 24/7 support, all for a fraction of the cost of traditional LMS services. For a free demo, click here.


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