Law Firms Moving to the Cloud, Stay Safe!

Law Technology Today (LTT) recently reported that, “by the end of 2016, end-user spending on cloud migration, computing and services is expected to surpass $180 billion.” And also, “four out of five cloud adopters report significant process improvements within six months of moving to the cloud, while 82% indicate substantial cost savings.”

Now, that’s a bandwagon anybody would want to jump on, right?

Apparently not.

Law firms are among the last hold-outs and their concerns are understandable. With all the headline-generating security breaches lately, it’s no wonder law firms are taking a “wait and see” approach. They worry about sensitive client data, privacy issues and bare-bones functionality. (Functionality is where the trainers can drive a successful transition to the cloud! I always find a way to include you guys!)

Though law firms are reluctant, the change is coming anyway. Why? There are many advantages to cloud computing that law firms will want to take advantage of (ie: saving time and money). Therefore, it’s time to set your firm up for success!.”

First, consider the advantages of cloud computing as outlined in LTT. Cloud computing provides the following benefits:

  • Store massive amounts of data
  • Enable attorneys and staff to work from anywhere (increased productivity)
  • Work from any device
  • Collaborate across the office or across the globe
  • Reduced hardware costs (and reduced salary costs for professionals and vendors who service them)
  • Free or inexpensive software updates
  • Increased flexibility – purchase only what you need

What About Security?

LTT reports that reputable cloud providers offer strict security measures for their clients. I personally believe that the law firm industry as a whole is such an untapped cloud market that a provider will soon emerge, catering to the intense ethical rules that govern lawyers’ work processes.

When selecting your provider, LTT suggests, “Because confidentiality is so important to the attorney-client relationship, cloud providers must meet international best practices with respect to rigorous enterprise security and control standards. Cloud solutions should also integrate security with business processes and workflow.”

How Do You Use the Cloud?

So, once you’ve selected a cloud provider for your law firm, you’ll need to train the attorneys and staff on how to use it. After all, the cloud is just like any other system you try to implement… if you don’t train people how to use it, they will simply revert to their old ways, causing headaches for IT professionals and security issues for the firm as a whole.

Savvy Training & Consulting can help your attorneys and staff use the cloud effectively and efficiently. We can provide classroom trainings, one-on-one trainings, webinars or on-demand help desk support. We can even “train the trainers” who work in your firm.

We believe the cloud represents a huge asset for law firms, if used correctly. Call or email me to discuss cloud technology training for your firm! 303-800-5408 or


Savvy Training & Consulting works with leading companies and technologies to deliver the most up-to-date training solutions and curricula to law firms. Savvy recently unveiled an award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) for law firms, SavvyAcademyTM, which delivers scalable training capabilities, reportable data down to the individual user and 24/7 support, all for a fraction of the cost of traditional LMS services.


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