Keep Security Alive with Staff Training and Awareness Campaigns

Law firm trainers (a role increasingly filled by HR pros) often have to take on topics that seem outside their normal purview. You hear something like, “I need you to create a training on [fill in the blank],” and you think, “Oh sure. I’ll get right on that. Right after I figure out what the heck it is!”

Increasingly, the word “security” is filling in that blank. The IT pros are doing everything they can to keep the firm secure with fire walls, encryption, and other goo-gahs, but they have one problem: their weakest link is the PEOPLE! They need law firm attorneys and staff to stop clicking buttons that expose the entire firm to hackers. They need people to create strong passwords. They need people to be more discerning internet users.

From new hires to firm founders, everyone has to be trained to keep the firm safe. Let’s first talk about trainings.

Law Firm Security Trainings

“Security trainings” used to mean that you’d tell someone how to properly use their key card at the front door. Today, your front door is every single computer and mobile device connected to the firm’s server or cloud. And you need to train everyone to use these technologies safely. But the technologies and the hackers’ techniques constantly change! Like, CONSTANTLY.

So, that means your job isn’t only to create trainings for literally everyone in your firm, but to also stay on top of every single trick that hackers use, and figure out ways that the people in your firm can block them. Easy peasy, right? Riiiiiiight.

That’s why more and more firms are partnering with KnowBe4, the world’s most popular integrated security awareness training company. KnowBe4 stays on top of hacker tricks (globally) and delivers online trainings that teach your people to be discerning email and internet users.

As a partner with KnowBe4, I can help you:

  • Create and deliver phishing tests that reveal where your weak links are.
  • Deliver trainings that seal up the holes.
  • Install a (free!) phish alert button that your people can click if they receive anything suspicious.
  • Test your emails (for free!) to see which ones are most exposed.
  • Much more

KnowBe4 makes it easy to shore up the vulnerable spots in your firm’s security system. But then, you need to keep security awareness alive throughout the firm!

Keeping Security Awareness Alive!

Everybody is the perfect student one day after training. You’ve told them to be on the lookout for malicious emails and they are super-critical of everything they receive! But then, a month later, things get lax. Six months later, your firm is exposed by someone clicking on a fro-yo coupon they received on their mobile device.

How do you keep security top of mind? Here are some tips:

  • Include company policies in your regular internal communications, such as e-newsletters.
  • Share news about recent cyberattacks and the stories behind them to help people understand that this threat never goes away.
  • Offer refresher courses on a regular basis. (KnowBe4 can help)
  • Use that free phish alert button I mentioned above to make people feel like they have an active role in protecting the firm.

If you follow this advice then one day you can be as excited about keeping security alive as Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein!

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